River and Coastal Protection with NoFloods Barriers

River and costal flooding are the most frequently occuring natural diasters in the world and are increasing in occurance more rapidly than any other natural disater.

Analysis made by the World Bank shows that flooding is not only the most frequent natural disaster – it is also the disaster with the greatest economic and humanitarian impact in terms of number of people affected and in terms of economic asset exposure; that is buildings, transport infrastructure, utility infrastructure and other long-lived assets.

In 2010 alone, 178 million people globally were affected by floods. More than 90 % of the global population exposed to floods live in asia.

As flood risk cannot be eliminated entirely, but you cab plan for temporary and long term protection as well as for a fast recovery if necessary. This is to generate safer and stronger communities which have the capacity to act and withstand devastations from flooding better in the future.

The Nofloods Solutions offers probably the strongest and most flexible solution for temporary large scale flood protection in terms of price and efficiency.The simplicity in the solution is also the strength of our concept – We “fight water with water”

Due to the light weight, high strength and impressive flexibility, the NoFloods systems can be configured in a variety of shapes and sizes and deployed on all kind of surfaces.

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