NoFloods Barrier saves Gas Plant from flooding

By Tlh, November 18, 2014

When the operations of the Hungarian gas plant, KEG Gaz, located 80 km north of Budapest and its major underground reservoirs were threatened by the floodwater from the Danube River, local authorities in Dunaalmas were in need of a fast and effective solution to keep the floodwater at bay.

The Hungarian gas company KEG Gaz, 80 km north of Budapest, with its major underground gas reservoir, were threatened by the flood water from the Danube River when the waterlevels rose fast during the summer 2013. Local authorities in Dunaalmas summoned the NoFloods flood barrier to save the gas plant.

6 hours upon arrival the NoFloods Barrier was fully deployed by a team of only 3 people and surrounding the plant completely with the total length of 400 metres.
The NoFloods Barrier Twin Tube 125 has a recommended maximum flood water height of 800mm. The water around the plant rose to 910mm, but the flood barrier held back the rising flood water and remained deployed from June 6 to June 12.

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