New technology makes it possible to map water and minerals from the air 

In Southeast Asia, Malaysia, EnviDan has used airborne technology for very large geophysical surveys of groundwater. These involved flying over 15,000 kilometres (9,000 miles) in 30-40 kilometres (18-25 miles) long parallel tracks, covering an area of 3,000 square kilometres (1,100 square miles). Based on the acquired data Mean resistivity Maps and Profiles were produced.

Five test lines over a known geological area in Cluny-Bedford were also flown to determine whether the SkyTEM method was suitable in hard rock environments and the test results were very positive.

The surveys in Perak Malaysia revealed a potential source of 500 million litres of groundwater per day (130 million US gallons).

The benefits of investing in groundwater supply

EnviDan uses SkyTEM to identify groundwater supply, and has extensive experience with the field of groundwater resources. A key argument for using groundwater as drinking water — besides the obvious argument of there being a shortage of surface water — is that groundwater is better protected from contamination than surface water.

In many places, as in Perak Malaysia, using groundwater can be economically beneficial and secure a safe and stable water supply across both public and commercial sectors.

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