EnviStyr – Advanced online monitoring for wastewater treatment plants

EnviStyr Web is a unique web and module-based online monitoring system which integrates easily with all SCADA-systems.

EnviStyr Web provides an overview of energy optimization, and with EnviStyr Web it is possible to monitor energy consumption and use the calculated key figures for ongoing comparison/ benchmarking. Also EnviStyr Web follows NH4 and NO3 in the drain and adjusts it in relation to flow and termination. This improves drainage quality.

With EnviStyr Web you can calculate and monitor the ongoing rate of nitrification and denitrification in order to intervene in time in case of inhibition of nitrification and loss of capacity.

EnviStyr Web is internet-based and accessible with username and password from any PC with internet access. Monitor the process from your home office, your Ipad or mobile. The solution is server-based and can be hosted at EnviDan, at the utility companies or locally at the wastewater treatment plant.

All available measurements and calculations are either displayed in a browser or e.g. IGSS dashboard. The operation of the system is simple and logical, improving the experience and minimizing the time spent. With EnviStyr Web it is possible to continually make online calculations of the values of the plant and immediately optimize the process.



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