Thermophilic Digestion at Denmark’s Largest WWTP

Construction and renovation at Lynetten, Denmark.

The scope of the project
Lynetten is Denmarks largest wastewater treatment plant belonging to the utility company BIOFOS residing in Copenhagen. In the future, Lynetten will receive increased levels og sludge and it has therefore been neccesary to increase the capacity and facilitate the production of biogas. Therefore BIOFOS now increases its digester capacity to a total of 30,000 m3. This will also enable Lynetten to produce more biogas to be injected into the Copenhagen city-gas network and thereby reduce CO2 emissions produced by traditional methods of gas production.

The solution
The new design comprises of two new digesters, each with a capacity of 6,000 m3, and renovation of three existing digesters. The new digesters are designed for a 2 x 6,000 m3 thermophilic digestion process. The solution includes designing, preparation of tender packages, and supervision during the construction and renovation periods. The EnviDan scope is process, mechanical and electrical design.

Keeping the best solution in mind at all time
It has been important during the designing phase to keep a constant focus on operational costs, high quality, low maintenance, and last but not least the health and safety of the workers at the plant. BIOFOS’ own health and safety personnel have participated in the designing of the new solution to ensure that daily operation will run smoothly.

The projects was started in 2013 and is well under way with an expected commissining date for the new digesters late 2016.

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EnviDan is a full service environmental company offering professional solutions within the drinking water, wastewater, biogas and environment.

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Gitte Nabe Kristensen

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