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Through energy harvesting, Energy-Service has developed remarkable online measuring points for the district heating distribution net, where no batteries or external electric power sources are required.

We use the temperature difference between the forward and return flow to produce enough electric energy to power the data loggers and transmit temperature- and pressure data.

Energy-Service is an innovative and flexible company. We have a great understanding of how important it is to obtain valid data, in order to make the right decisions.

Energy-Service was founded in Denmark in 2011 and has grown to supply more than 20 % of the Danish market in district heating plants with another 50 % of the market knowing the value of the Energy-Service brand. We provide our customers with solutions for data logging and energy optimization.

Our employees have several years of experience in designing simple solutions to complex problems.

Energy-Service has a large experience in the energy sector, and we, therefore, find it easy to understand the challenges of our customers.

We offer

  • standard products for data logging and analysis of data
  • solutions for control of temperature and pressure
  • in-house developed communication system between data loggers and server
  • to solve your challenges with our technology


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