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Energy City participates in the EU-project Infinite Solutions. The purpose of the project is to create focus on concrete loans for energy renovations in private buildings.

Infinite Solutions is an EU-promotion and dissemination project for the exchange of experience and development of financing models to increase energy renovations in private homes.

– “In Frederikshavn we insist on practicable renewable energy solutions. We believe that sustainable solutions to the energy field cannot be left alone unless they are supported by financial solutions,” says project manager Bahram Dehghan from Energy City.

Through ‘Infinite Solutions’ our purpose is to develop and also share our experiences on the subject of “Practicable financing models” for energy renovation.

– “About 40 percent of total energy consumption in Denmark is consumed in homes and buildings. Therefore, we rely heavily on optimizing energy consumption in existing homes and buildings. We believe that energy conservation is the most accessible effort that reduces environmental impact and create local jobs immediately,” senior project manager, Bahram Dehghan, says.

The challenge is to create practicable and differentiated financing models that are tailored to the individual target groups, since the financial crisis and its aftermath have made it difficult for many people to borrow funds for the renovation of buildings.

In addition Energy City will prepare a concrete plan on how we communicate the messages and goals of the Infinite Solution project for the chosen target groups, including the financial sector, and how to organize the work in a presentable way for our project partners.

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