Frederikshavn Housing Association’s electricity consumption is fully carbon neutral

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By Energy City Frederikshavn, January 08, 2020

Frederikshavn Housing Association produces 500,000 kWh of electricity annually via solar cells. The remaining power needed to supply the association is purchased from the Danish supplier Eniig, which supplies green, environmentally friendly electricity. This contributes to an annual CO2 saving of 570 tonnes. The housing association has gathered – or bundled, as you call it – their electricity agreements with Eniig, which means that all electricity purchased at the housing association’s common electrical installations will be climate friendly energy.

On top of that it´s even cheaper, says project manager Brian Thomsen. Frederikshavn Housing Association looks forward to presenting a similar offer to all their residents at the start of 2020:

“I would like to emphasize that we are serious about our ambition. We have been working on our energy policy and energy saving for almost 10 years now. In addition to our new electricity agreement, we have replaced for instance several cars and lawnmovers for electric ones to become completely CO2-free”.

When purchasing climate friendly electricity, guarantees are provided that electricity will be produced, corresponding to an agreed amount from hydropower or wind turbines. This way Frederikshavn Boligforening sends a strong climate-friendly signal and helps to promote the demand for renewable energy in Denmark.

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