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Energy City Frederikshavn

Master Plan for 100% Renewable Energy by 2030
Energy City Frederikshavn is a municipal business development project concerning the restructure of energy supply in Frederikshavn municipality to 100% renewable energy by 2030.
Our purpose is to promote, facilitate and coordinate projects which help create green growth and new local jobs in the energy sector. We contribute to the creation of jobs for the purpose of strengthening local growth and employment throughout the municipality.

The Municipality of Frederikshavn has prepared a strategy plan for renewable energy 2030.

A demonstration center for new energy technologies
Energy City is in close cooperation with businesses, research- and education institutes, inventors and citizens in the front line of creating a ’demonstratorium’ for the testing of sustainable climate and energy technologies in the scale 1:1 in Frederikshavn municipality.
Specific examples are the following:

  • Biogas driven bus in Frederikshavn
  • Free Energy councelling
  • Wave Energy – Crestwing
  • Energy smileys and behaviour
  • Private Energy Renovation

Watch the videos below to explore the specific examples mentioned above further.

Frederikshavn – An exhibition area for Denmark’s leading energy technology
Frederikshavn will be a ‘demonstratorium’ where Denmark’s leading energy technology will be developed, tested and demonstrated in full-scale. Energy City Frederikshavn will be an exhibition area for Danish energy technology to show that the right combination of energy technologies can supply the world’s cities with exclusively renewable energy.

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