District Energy Course – In-depth introduction

3-day course with site visits and with internationally experienced lecturers.


To give the participants an in-depth introduction to modern District Heating systems, and how to start and implement a project.


Heating of buildings are the single biggest consumer of energy in the world. In order to improve energy efficiency, District Heating has proven its value for many years. Since the first Danish system was built in 1903 in Copenhagen, the Danish society and Danish companies has gained knowledge and experience in planning, building and operating District Heating systems in all scales. Today, 63% of all Danish residential homes are connected to District Heating – not only for space heating, but also for domestic hot water.

The value creation

District Heating systems basically make use of heat produced in central locations and distribute it through pipelines to a large number of end users. Thus, heat that has no or very low value in one place, e.g. industrial surplus heat and heat from electricity production, can be transformed into high value energy, and used in places where there is a high demand for heat, such as small towns or large urban communities. An example could be supplying heat from an industrial area to several residential areas. By applying District Heating, large scale conversion towards renewable energy for the heating sector can be realized in a cost effective and future-proof way.


In this course we will focus at the core elements in District Heating, and experienced lecturers from the industry will take the participants through the development of District Heating. District Heating is a complex and multifaceted system, where various stakeholders, economy and environmental issues play a vital role. The course will address these areas as well as planning, different energy sources, pipe systems, technology and operation of a District Heating plant.

Site visits

As a part of the courses we will visit various sites and companies, where the participants will meet managers and employees that have their daily work in the District Heating industry.


The course is designed for participants from public and private companies, organizations, cities and regions that want a thorough introduction to District Heating.

• Politicians • Planners • Advisers • Engineers • Lawyers • Economists • Technicians • Managers


  • History and development of District Heating
  • Planning
  • Business models
  • Energy sources
  • The modern piping system
  • Operation and optimization
  • Interchanges / end user installations / meter data
  • The future
  • Getting started with your own District Heating project
  • Implementation
  • Future systems
  • Site visits


The course requires an open mind and curiosity towards technical systems and processes, but does not require a specific knowledge about District Heating.

The Lecturers

The lecturers are all experienced specialists from leading universities, organizations and companies from the District Heating Industry. They have an extensive international knowledge from projects all over the world.

Site Visits

At the site-visits you will meet highly skilled personnel that works with District Heating at a daily basis.

Social events

There will be two networking dinners where you will have the opportunity to meet colleagues and exchange experience and build network.

Registration and information
Venue: Copenhagen,
Price: 2,150 €, excl. VAT. The price includes: Tuition, materials, all meals and accommodation during the course, transportation to sites and networking dinners.

Please click on this link for registration.

Primary contact
Torben Kirkegaard

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