The Cell Project – pilot project for intelligent mobilisation of local power generation

The project is to help adapt the Danish power system to future requirements by increasing the extent of system control and monitoring to ensure that power generation and consumption balance. uses long-term, holistic planning to expand the power system. Generally, this means that we include considerations such as security of supply, a well-functioning market, economic efficiency, the environment and sustainability in our planning.

Security of supply is vital to being able to fulfil our social mission as the entity holding the overall responsibility for the Danish power system. The consumers must always have power readily available. We must therefore design our power system to support the needs of society – now and in the future. The Cell Project is a very important part of this task.

The Cell Project is an international cooperation between the following parties:

  • Syd Energi Net
  • Danish Energy Association – Research and development
  • Spirae Inc. – USA
  • Energynautics GmbH – Germany
  • Siemens – Denmark
  • Wind-turbine owners
  • Local CHP plants

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