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Energinet shares its knowledge and experience from integrating renewable energy into electricity systems with much of the world through its consultancy business, Energinet Associated Activities.

Energinet Associated Acitivites was established in 2010 to meet increased international demands for advice and consulting services.


As Transmission System Operator (TSO) for electricity and gas Energinet maintains security of supply and ensures well-functioning electricity and gas markets on behalf of the Danish society. The responsibility of Energinet spans from daily operations to long-term development of the energy systems.

Energinet Associated Activites is manned by highly skilled employees from Energinet and offers international consultancy services within the core competences of Energinet. Our employees in the field work with these things in practice on a daily basis.

With a wind and solar power share of more than 50 percent, Energinets hands-on experience with efficient integration of variable and distributed RES is unique.

We are seeing strong demand for our knowledge about efficient and safe integration of large volumes of wind power, and are advising on system operation, electricity markets, transmission planning, network codes and connecting offshore wind farms.

In step with the next phases of the green transition, Energinet will also be able to advise on new types of solutions, such as sector coupling using power-to-X, utilising large-scale offshore wind and digitalization.


Energinet Associated Activities participates in a number of international partnerships, which are coordinated by the Danish Energy Agency and financed from Danish sources.

Denmark has partnerships with 15 countries, which together account for over 50 per cent of the world’s population and more than 60 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Energinet is currently participating in 12 of the programmes, and also provides independent consultancy services to a number of countries.

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