Easy Access to Energy Data: The ‘Energy Data Store’ Project Unveils New Website

By, July 07, 2016

The 'Energy Data Store' project team launches a new project website. With this new website, the project team intends to increase communications and dialog about the project, which is ensuring easy access to energy data. is in the process of creating an easy accessible platform for sharing energy data. The first delivery is going to be a fully functional beta version of the energy data store in June 2017.

However, until then the project is going through a number of stages, such as procurement, supplier selection, development and testing. In order to create a more open and participatory channel for the making of the energy data store, the project team has been working on a new project website.

And now it’s here: has a large amount of data and knowledge about the energy system, which is not utilized to its full potential today because of limited visibility and accessibility. Therefore, it is in the interest of to develop an easy accessible energy data bank over the coming years.

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The access to data must be made considerably easier than today. The data is going to be used to support innovation, growth and product development, and  the energy data bank will focus on non-confidential data that can be used freely.

You can already get an overview of the Danish power
grid right now, as well as gas and European connections. 

What can you look forward to?
Up until the launch of the first version of the energy data store in the summer of 2017, the project team will bring news and updates from the project, as well as various relevant themes, for example data maturity or disruption in the energy industry.

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We hope that our new project website will contribute to openness and dialogue about the development of the energy data store. If we make mistakes, please let us know right away. If we are on the right track, help us by inviting others into the conversation, says the steering committee chairman, Hanne Storm Edlefsen – manager at’s department for energy analysis.

At the same time as we launch the new project website, a new LinkedIn page will also be created. By following the page you will get news from the project team directly into your LinkedIn feed.



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