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Energinet.dk Energy Consultancy

Energinet.dk Energy Consultancy is manned by highly skilled employees from Energinet.dk and offers international consultancy services within the core competences of Energinet.dk. Few companies in the energy sector are able to offer the same world-class expertise gained from the pioneering work on developing and operating the unique Danish energy system.

Energinet.dk Energy Consultancy offers best in class expertise within:

  • Planning and development of coherent power and energy systems
  • Power system operation with high shares of wind power
  • Planning and construction of transmission systems including underground cabling
  • Grid connection of on- and offshore wind turbines
  • Smart Grid solutions
  • Market development and operation
  • Regulatory processes


As Transmission System Operator (TSO) for electricity and gas Energinet.dk maintains security of supply and ensures well-functioning electricity and gas markets on behalf of the Danish society. The responsibility of Energinet.dk spans from daily operations to long-term development of the energy systems.

With a wind power share of more than 33%, Energinet.dk’s hands-on experience with efficient integration of variable and distributed RES is unique.

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Peter Jørgensen
+45 7010 2244

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