Lower energy costs with sustainable energy

With a PPA, your company actively adds new renewable energy to the community and you fix your electricity consumption in 10 to 15 years at an attractive, fixed price. That’s sustainability without additional costs.

Buying green electricity has so far been a matter of reserving some of the renewable energy that is there already.

In recent years, developments within the wind turbine and solar panel sector have accelerated rapidly. Both in terms of numbers and in terms of efficiency. This has opened up new possibilities for active participation in the green transition.

Sustainability without additional costs

Energi Danmark now offers PPA where your renewable energy originates from completely newly built plants which are built solely on the basis of this agreement.  In addition to contributing to carbon neutrality and helping you reach your sustainability goals, the agreement can also be the strategic path to stable, low energy costs over the next several years. With a 10 or 15-year agreement, you hedge your electricity consumption and avoid being affected by price fluctuations.

A long-term energy agreement with sustainable energy adds value to the bottom line – both economically and environmentally.

Why choose PPA? 

> New renewable energy: New renewable energy is built to cover your consumption, thereby increasing the amount of renewable energy in total.

> Price hedging: You get an attractive, long-term agreement at low price. You buy energy directly from the producer at a price below the forward price.

> Stability and sustainability: Your company’s energy consumption is future-proof in terms of both price and environment.

The agreement is for 10 to 15 years and your energy consumption is produced at newly built solar power plants or wind turbines in Denmark at a fixed, low price.

Read more about how we handle the balance in a PPA between Chr. Hansen and Better Energy. 

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