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    Emerson’s Marine Tank Management business unit is part of Emerson Process Management. Our expertise covers integrated tank management systems, valve remote control, cargo monitoring systems, ballast, fuel oil and service tank level gauging and draft measurement for all types of ships and offshore units.What really sets us apart is our dedication to the marine sector, engineering excellence and focus on safety and environmental responsibility. This is reflected in all aspects of our offering, from design and production, through to application know-how and global after-sales support.

    Focus on safety

    Emerson Marine Tank Management products and service offerings and our technology investments advance the state-of-the-art for safety on board ships around the world. We operate with high accuracy and reliability in our products in order to transfer correct and real-time information for ship operators to take the right decisions. Our products are engineered specifically with the characteristics of life at sea in mind, and our high quality products place premium with long life time performance, minimal maintenance and energy efficiency.

    Environmental responsibility

    Emerson Marine Tank Management addresses environmental responsibility through our commitment to provide products and services that improve energy efficiencies and reduce potential harm to the environment. Therefore all developments are made with environmental impact in mind such as our Damcos VRC with biodegradable oil, energy efficient Damcos LPUs and Rosemount Tank Radars with high level overfill alarm.

    All in all Emerson Marine Tank Management provides superior solutions when it comes to preventing environmental impact in the oceans around the world.

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