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National Test Centre for Wind turbines
In February 2009, The Danish Government decided to build a new prototype wind turbine test centre near Østerild in Thy, Denmark. After four years of planning, designing and building, the Østerild National Test Centre was inaugurated in October 2012. Test Centre Østerild can test up to seven large wind turbines and allows for testing turbines with a total height of up to 250 metres. This makes Østerild the first site in the world where it is possible to make measurements of giant turbines under varying climatic conditions. The location and facilities of the test centre allows for the wind turbine industry in collaboration with research institutions to carry out research, development and test of prototype wind turbines and new wind turbine technology.

Calculating the suitability of the Østerild site
EMD International has been involved in all phases of the establishment of Test Centre Østerild both as independent consultants and as supplier of the windPRO software used for calculating the suitability of the Østerild site. By using windPRO, it was possible to calculate the noise impact from the wind turbines, visualise the project in landscape photos to give the realistic visual impression of the wind farm as well as to calculate and document the project’s power generation. The calculations carried out by windPRO were used for the assessment of Test Centre Østerild as a suitable site for the largest wind turbines in the world.

Software package used globally
windPRO is the most widely used software package for calculating and designing wind turbine projects on a global basis. WindPRO is used for all kinds of wind energy projects around the world – both for testing and commercial purposes.

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