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Software solution for planning and optimisation of the daily electricity- and heat/colling on district heating and CHP plants.

energyTRADE has been developed by EMD International to support combined heat and power plants to fulfill the needs of one tool for planning, operation and bidding in all kinds of plants. All kinds of prognosis tools can be included in the set-up, as well as the connection to the BRP. There are no limits to the number of interfaces.

Be prepared for the future with energyTRADE:

  • Changing production units and SCADA system without the need to change your planning, balancing and trading system.
  • Change your balance responsible party without changing your planning, balancing or trading system.
  • By using energyTRADE you can change production units, and use your plant model to calculate feasibilities and consequences.

What is energyTRADE?
energyTRADE is a software solution for companies needing planning, balancing and optimization of the daily electricity and heat production and consumption with an obligation to supply heat or cooling. energyTRADE is an advanced and user-friendly software for planning and optimization of the daily operation of any type of energy plant. It has one user interface giving the overview and options, the operator needs, at one glance. With energyTRADE the plant operator can easily monitor, plan and control the entire production from one system.

From a single screen, the entire plant is operated by energyTRADE. The operator can monitor, plan, control and participate in balancing markets and during holidays, weekends and busy hours enable energyTRADE to automatic bidding according to the operating parameters.
energyTRADE can optimize the planning of simultaneous bidding on the spot, regulating and primary reserve a market. The software interacts between the plant and the balance responsible party (BRP) and bidding prices can easily be submitted to the BRP with only one click.

Based on various input data such as weather forecasts, electricity spot price prognoses, expected heat demand, storage content, and preconditions required by the plant, the software calculates the optimal operation in quarterly, half hourly or hourly time steps depending on your specific needs. The result is a detailed graphical and numeric production plan containing the proposed operation for each energy unit. The production plan shows the amounts of energy, the estimated economic result for the specified period and the bidding prices. With energyTRADE you are always certain to operate at the lowest possible net production cost.

energyTRADE is set-up to the specific plant with its specific needs and requirements. Hereby, you can optimize your operation based on your needs. There is no contraints in preconditions and combinations of units the plant consists of. energyTRADE even handles distributed plants and it is possible to optimize the operation for an arbitrary period of time in either quarterly, half hourly or hourly time steps.

An additional benefit of an installation of energyTRADE is a precise energyPRO model set-up of the plant. The energyPRO set-up are ready for the plant’s consultants to use in feasibility studies whether it is sales, technologies, price levels etc. so time and money in setting up an energyPRO model can be saved.

Application and benefits
energyTRADE offers fast and easy economic optimization of the operation of all kinds of energy producing plants. The benefits of this software solution is:

  • The customization by the energyTRADE set-up: Each plant set-up is based on each plant preconditions and requirements.
  • A graphical overview of the historic, present and future operations.
  • The ability to forecast heat demand based on weather prognoses etc.
  • A thorough calculation of the lowest possible net production cost based on weather, price prognoses and efficiencies.
  • A schedule plant production and the ability to submit bids on electricity markets with just one click.
  • A calculation of the expected turnover.
  • The possibility of automatic bid submission.
  • An automatic update of operation schedule when needed

An energyTRADE set-up is individually made according to the properties of the plant and its interfaces. The figure showing the proces in the file “energyTRADE brochure for download” on your right shows a set-up with two databases being the interface from the SCADA and the BRP to and from energyTRADE. It is possible, depending on the requirements from the plant, to make the BRP communicate directly with the SCADA and further, energyTRADE can be set-up using the protocols needed.

Each set-up is individually made according to technology, preconditions and other requirements at the plant. In this set-up example an indirect DB interfaces is made, but direct interface set-up is possible depending on requirements and preconditions.

energyTRADE is module based. The basic module, the Planning Module, is a requirement for all implementations and is furthermore required for the balancing module and the communication module.

Small plants need a precise plant set-up for production planning and participating in day-ahead bidding, but may not need to connect to e.g. the balance responsible party via energyTRADE. This will only require the planning module.

The Planning Module
With the Planning Module you will get at precise model of your plant in energyPRO and the operator of the system will have an energyTRADE user interface to manage the operation and planning without the need to consider the plant set-up. The Planning module allows you to calculate the operation for the coming day(s).  With the Planning Module you can optimize trade of electricity on either a day ahead wholesale market or fixed tariffs.

The Communication and Balancing Module
The Communication and the Balancing Module complement each other with an electricity market consisting of different markets. If just one market exists and the communication with the e.g. balance responsible party is needed, the Communication Module is sufficient. With the Communication Module you have the possibility to communicate with the energy plant’s balance responsible party and submit bids on trade of electricity with only one click. Once the bids have been submitted, you will receive a notification on the trades made and the production plan will then be updated automatically according to these trades

The Balancing module allows the plant to add any number of markets, in total 5 markets, and any type of balancing markets such as intraday, regulating, reserve markets. The Balancing Module is aimed for plants participating in different markets.

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