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EMD International (EMD) is a software and knowledge center supplying companies and institutions worldwide with software, consultancy services, training and know-how within the fields of project design, planning, documentation and operation of environmentally friendly energy projects.

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The most advanced and flexible energy modelling software package
energyPRO is a modelling software package for combined techno-economic analysis and optimisation of complex energy projects with a combined supply of electricity and thermal energy (steam, district heating or cooling). In energyPRO you can model virtually any type of technologies from well-known, fossil fuel based production units to state-of-the-art renewables.

Techno-economic analysis
energyPRO is typically used for techno-economic analysis of projects such as cogeneration plants combined with thermal storage, industrial cogeneration plants, tri-generation plants and biomass/biogas fuelled CHP plants. Other types of projects, e.g. geothermal, solar, photovoltaic and wind or diesel projects, can also be analysed and detailed with this software.

Optimise the operation
Based on the input, energyPRO’s unique programming optimises the operations of the plant, providing a detailed specification for the provision of the defined energy demands, including heating, cooling and electricity use.

energyPRO provides a technical and economic analysis of multi-dimensional energy projects including:

  • A detailed financial plan approved by international banks and funding institutions
  • A presentation of the operating results for the project (monthly cash flows, income statements, balance sheets and key investment figures)
  • Calculations and reports on the emissions by the proposed project (CO2, NOX, SO2, etc.)
  • A logical and user-friendly design

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