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EMD International (EMD) is a software and knowledge center supplying companies and institutions worldwide with software, consultancy services, training and know-how within the fields of project design, planning, documentation and operation of environmentally friendly energy projects.

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Since the 1990s, EMD Energy System Department has been a well-reputed partner in the field of energy systems consultancy.

25+ years of expertise in a wide range of energy projects
Since the 1990s, EMD Energy System Department has worked with a wide range of energy projects and has been a major player in terms of both energy planning, strategic energy planning, development of software for the energy industry, public funded development projects, and consultancy based on our software solutions.

As both experts, developers of our software products energyPRO and energyTRADE, and experienced energy consultants, we can offer cost-effective services in the design and planning of energy systems but also technology evaluations, operations analysis, operating budgets, energy mapping and, and in energy projects worldwide.

An experienced and dedicated team
Our experienced team of energy consultants are engaged in many projects around the world. Many countries in Europe know our software solutions and our experience with development projects. In 2014, China placed themselves on our map and more countries will follow because our solutions can be adapted to virtually any energy system in the world. Our solutions are used to illuminate and overcome challenges dealing with the design, planning, and operation of energy conversion and supply in the real world.

Our focus is to provide accurate technical and economic basis for decisions, plans, and operations and thus also provide valid estimates of the economics of the energy projects as financial and economic rate of return will be initiated.
We also perform many other assignments in the Energy Systems department at EMD International, which is divided into the following thirds:

  • Public supported development projects
  • Advice and consulting company
  • Software development, sales and support

Always updated knowledge
We cooperate with universities and participates in development projects where we gain experience and knowledge to our products and services. When a customer demands a specific solution, we develop it because we believe that others parties in the industry are faced with the same challenges.

Denmark is known for its green transition experience with large share of fluctuating renewable energy in the energy system and the development of decentralized cogeneration, CHP. District heating is very important in the Danish energy system. EMD International has been involved all the way when the Danish decentralized combined heat and power infrastructure was expanded.

The headlines we work with is about cogeneration, heat pumps, low-temperature heat sources, heat storage, seasonal storage, cooling, district cooling, low temperature heating, energy trading, energy markets, planning, operations and operational balancing.

Energy systems with large amounts of renewable energy both from sun, wind and biomsse requires design, planning and operation balancing. We are experts within this area.

Professional Services to any company
We work as consultants on projects for both large and small companies as well as public institutions. We are also specialists in both large and small projects, and as subcontractors on interdisciplinary projects. Manufacturers buy our solutions because they can use them to demonstrate their products. We are available as consultants for your organization to the extent needed.

Within our area, we are cost-effective because we provide time and cost savings when our consultants are used in your interdisciplinary projects.
We tailor solutions to our customers. Our customers can be public agencies, organizations, manufacturers and consultants with knowledge of the energy market. We work with all projects and in cooperation with other suppliers.

English is our preferred language, and our software is available in English, German and Danish and units used are SI. It is possible that we can provide solutions to tother languages, but it requires a project that can support the development work.

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