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EmaZys PV Analyzer Z100 reduces maintenance and troubleshooting costs dramatically and simplifies the service operation at the PV installation site.

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PV Analyzer Z100: Reduces fault-finding times for service engineers on solar panel systems.

The PV Analyzer Z100 is a new and innovative measuring device which is able to quickly and efficiently locate a wide range of defects in solar cell panels. Extensive field tests prior to the launch have shown that service engineers are able to save up to 40% of their fault-finding time.

By using the new PV Analyzer Z100 from EmaZys Technologies, you can easy locate problems in PV Strings, shorten your downtime and reduce maintenance and troubleshooting costs dramatically.

“Our product is basically an advanced measuring device which is very user-friendly and easy to connect to a solar panel system. The device often automatically identifies the exact location of the fault when the engineer connects it to a solar cell string,” says Managing Director, Arne Pedersen, from EmaZys Technologies.

Until now, service engineers have had to deinstall each individual solar panel in the system and measure them individually. When the engineer connects PV Analyzer Z100 to the solar panel system inverter, fault-finding takes place quickly and automatically on the whole system. The PV analyzer will collect various impedance, voltage and current data and hence analyze the condition of the whole string. In many cases accurate information about failure mode and position is displayed directly on the user interface. This new approach will save time and money when working in the area of photovoltaic operations and maintenance. The instrument is fully capable of storing data and generating reports, thus allowing the user to document any findings and subsequent repair work.

Another big advantage of the PV Analyzer Z100 is that the technology – which is so far unique – enables measurements to be carried out in almost any kind of weather. Only a minimum of sun is required, it takes only 100W/m2, equivalent to only 10% of full sunshine on a summer’s day, to make a diagnosis. Conventional methods require measurements to be taken in conditions of strong sunshine in the summer.

The technology is based on a new approach to the testing of solar panels, which can also be used to keep an eye on the general health of the system. The PV Analyzer Z100 measures and analyses the impedance curve – and the result gives a clear indication of when it is viable to replace the solar panel.

The PV Analyzer Z100 enables:

  • Precise fault location in all types of PV arrays and related cabling.
  • All weather diagnostic measurement possible with a minimum of daylight intensity of 100W/m2.
  • Reduces maintenance and troubleshooting costs dramatically and simplifies the service operation at the PV installation site.


  • Location of open bypass diodes
  • Location of shorted bypass diodes
  • Location of high series resistance and disconnects
  • Measuring insulation resistance
  • Location of insulation faults/ R iso
  • Measuring string/panel open circuit voltage
  • Measuring string/panel short circuit current
  • Checking string polarity
  • Distinguishing multiple strings
  • Measuring string impedance curve
  • An integrated timer funktion for periodic faults

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