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Automatic single blade installation for improved safety and cost-efficiency onshore & offshore

The lifting yoke from Eltronic is a flexible construction which provides maximum stability during the installation and dismounting of blades. The solution eliminates the need of working at heights and manual handling of slings which leads to increased safety and reduced installation time.

Due to its modular design and exchangeable accessories, one yoke can be used with different sizes and blade types from different turbine manufacturers. The Eltronic Blade Yoke can be easily customized according to the client’s requirements, as well as different blade types. Read more about the solution here.

Your direct advantages


  • No working at heights and no manual handling of slings leads to improved safety.
  • The yoke is operated by a long range remote control,  which increases safety on the site.


  • Simple and future-proof design with focus on modular construction with exchangeable accessories to fit different blade types.
  • The same yoke can be used for installation, service and dismounting purposes.


  • Short delivery time and low cost compared to similar solutions by using standard elements.
  • Automatic single blade installation and no manual handling of slings leads to reduced installation time.


  • Intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) and less functions minimizes the training process of your personnel.
  • Simple design with focus on safety, user-friendliness and minimal chances of malfunction.

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