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For more accurate & safe control of the load in vertical and horizontal position.

A traditional tagline master system controls the horizontal position of a load to make sure the load will not turn, regardless of wind, crane movements or other external impact. The Tagline Master 4 system is used if greater control is needed in both horizontal position as well as vertical position. This System is an ideal solution for both onshore as well as offshore operations. When installing, for example, blades with a yoke with a tilt function, the Tagline Master 4 System offers a more accurate and safe control of the load. When added to a traverse system on a vessel crane, the bottom Tagline Master 4 set with its remote controlled tension possibilities, can with advantage replace the trigger winches.

How it works

The Tagline Master 4 is a patented system which consists of a traditional Tagline system added a bottom set of Tagline Masters. The traditional set controls the horizontal position of the blade and makes sure the load does not turn undesirably, the bottom set controls the load vertically to make sure the load doesn’t undesirably tilts or tips. Taglines are connected to both sides of the load and are pre-tensioned with a force between 5 – 80kN. These settings are adjusted with a remote control. The intelligent Tagline Master Control will automatically adjust tension between the taglines in order to keep a fixed and stable position. At any given time during operation, it is possible to change the position of the load and/ or adjust tension for both tagline master sets, with the remote control.

Build upon request

  • Variable Pull force limit
  • Variable Max. Rope speed
  • Variable rope operating angles
  • Variable rope length and size
  • Variable mounting options

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