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Safe and controlled handling of main components for installation and service

Installation or replacement of large wind turbine components requires complete control of the lifting operation.
By using the Eltronic Wind Solutions tagline system, this control can easily be achieved. The tagline system is mounted directly on the crane, and by using the system for guiding and controlling the component to be lifted, the lifting operation can be performed in a safe and efficient manner.

A modular design using standard elements makes it easy to create interfaces to different crane types, and the tagline system can be used in combination with various types of lifting equipment. The system is ideal both for installation of all main components, but also for service operations such as replacement of drive trains etc.

The tagline system operates independently. This means that both winches have full capacity for controlling the orientation of the component lifted.

Your Direct Advantages

  • Safe to use – operation via remote control
  • Easy to combine with different types of lifting equipment
  • Ideal both for installation of main components and for service operations
  • Modular design using a standard frame making it easy to create interfaces to different crane types
  • Access to extensive experience with mobilization/demobilization of tack line systems both onshore and offshore
  • Handling of the entire documentation and crane approval process in connection with the use of the system


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