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Safe and controlled installation of wind turbine components, even in difficult site conditions.

The Mobile Tagline from Eltronic is a standalone system designed for installing wind turbine components. The system is a perfect solution when control and safety during component lifting is challenged by difficult site conditions. Due to its flexible design, the mobile tagline system can be customized to fit even the most narrow and gravel environments. The system significantly improves safety on the site and it can be used for installation and service operations of all main components.

Functionality and specifications

  • Can be operated by only one technician.
  • Thanks to a build-in generator, the system does not require any power cables.
  • Software with mooring on both winches.
  • Mechanical rope spooling system.

Your direct advantages

Increased safety

  • The tagline is operated by a long range remote control, which increases safety on the site, allowing the technicians to stand in a safe distance during the lifting operation.


  • The system provides a full control over the lifting component despite the weather or ground conditions.

Easy to transport

  • Integrated pad eyes and forklift pockets make it is easy to transport around the site and between locations.
  • Compact design makes it easy to store and transport on a standard truck.


  • Can be used in any site conditions.
  • Suitable for installation and service of all main components.



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