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Secure and strong control of taglines for installation of components onshore.

Our 10kN Capstan winch is designed for secure and strong control of taglines. It is equipped with pedal controls and makes installation and lifting easy and safe. The winch is equipped with a reset feature, so the operator can adjust the speed depending on the conditions. The handy size of the Capstan winch makes it an ideal winch for places with limited space and it is easy to transport and store. The installation possibilities reach from mounting the Capstan winch on a fixed place to a transportable position, making it perfect on deck or in the field. The C-Yoke has a back up system which ensures the C-Yoke is still operable even if any or all parts of the primary system break down.

How it works 

The Capstan winch often work in pairs, by guiding the rope through the guide rollers and around the drum, the operator can pay-in and pay-out tagline to keep the load from oscillating and turning. If the operator of one Capstan winch pays-out tagline, while the operator of the other Capstan winch pays-in tagline it allows for a controlled turn of the load. The Capstan winch is controlled by foot pedals, it has a pre-set speed feature to adjust the winch speed to the given operation conditions. The winch is equipped with a safety mechanism allowing the tagline to wind-out when the tension in the tagline exceeds 10 KN.

Your direct advantages

  • Adjustable speed
  • Mechanical safety release
  • Variable mounting options
  • Minor maintenance
  • Easy Installation & Easy to operate
  • Can be used onshore & offshore

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