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Provider of innovative equipment solutions for production, transport, installation, and servicing of wind turbines.

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Safe and easy tool for single blade installation onshore & offshore

A C-Yoke is a tool for single blade installation/ demounting of blades. The Yoke can handle the blade with the up/down wind side up (C-Yoke) or trailing edge up (SC-Yoke). With its exchangeable accessories, the same C-Yoke can be used for numerous different blade sizes and types. To make sure all knowledge is incorporated into the design, close collaboration with both client and blade manufacturer during the project is a priority for Eltronic Wind Solutions. A dedicated team of highly experienced engineers, designers and service staff works closely together to make each project a success.

How it works
The standard version of the (S)C-Yoke has 4 lifting points with load cells, which increases stability when mounting or demounting blades. As an option, a 1 point lifting method is possible, with the ability to tilt the C-Yoke from +5° to –30°. The (S)C-Yoke easily grabs the blade and with hydraulic pressure shoes, specially designed to fit the geometry of a specific blade type, the (S)C-Yoke locks the blade in position. The clamps are padded with high friction rubber to secure the blade with a combination of friction and pressure to prevent the risk of damage to the blade. The (S) C-Yoke has a backup system which ensures the (S)C-Yoke is still operable even if any or all parts of the primary system break down. A fail-safe system ensures the blade is not lost in case of system breakdown.

Your direct advantages
■ No working at heights
■ Custom built to any blade type and size
■ Reduced installation time—Only one lift
■ Standard 4 point lift
■ Gentle blade handling with patented friction based clamping
■ Flexibility for installation and demounting of different blade types
■ User friendly
■ Easy to operate remote control
■ Easy maintenance
■ Proven safety features with fail-safe and back-up system

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