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For safe and easy full rotor installation

The Blade clamp is designed to be used for installation and dismounting of wind turbine rotors. It is an assisting tool for handling and lifting complete rotors up to the nacelle. But it can also be used for a rotor lift containing one blade while the other two blades are mounted on the hub with a C-lifter. The Blade clamp is used as a “clamp” around the trailing blade, when the rotor is lifted for installation on the wind turbine. The main crane lifts the rotor, while the smaller crane with the Blade clamp controls the trailing blade making the rotor turn to installation position. After the rotor has been installed the Blade clamp can be released using a remote control. The Blade clamp can also be used to assist in lowering the rotor to a horizontal position when demounting a rotor.

Your direct advantages – flexible and versatile design

  • Automatic height adjustment ensures that the clamper can fit every blade type.
  • The self-aligning system makes the tool fit all blade types and ensure that the clamp force is distributed evenly.
  • Smart design allows the operator to position clamps in any angle. Once the blade is lifted, the floating mode is activated to ensure that the clamper automatically follows the blade’s movement in a secured motion.
  • Pressure monitoring ensures correct clamping pressure and less unnecessary stress on the blade.

Increased Safety

  • An added de-icing system in the clamps, enables the tool to grab safely onto the blades, even in case of a cold temperature.
  • Mechanical lock prevents the blade from being dropped in case of a power failure.
  • The clamps allow for a hydraulic emergency release with a remote control.
  • In case of a hydraulic malfunction, the blade can be lowered to a safe hight and realeased on the ground.
  • Adaptive clamping system with a geometric lock around the blade for a safe and ensured grip.
  • Reduced usage of cranes and heavy equipment lifting – increases the safety on the site.

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