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Eldan Recycling is a Danish manufacturer of machinery and plants for recycling of tyres, cables, electrical and electronic waste, as well as various other materials like refrigerators, mattresses, etc., that specializes in quality turn-key solutions and upgrades of existing plants. Eldan produces the machines in house at the factory in Faaborg and have sold machines and/or complete plants to 70 different countries around the world since 1956.

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In recent years, Eldan has seen an increased interest from the US in especially cable recycling, mainly due to the Chinese import ban on low grade cable scrap. One of these companies was Colorado Industrial Recyclers (CIR) –

CIR was an established scrap yard that processed many different types of scrap, but they sold their high-grade cable waste to other recyclers in the US and exported low-grade cable to other countries like China. They approached Eldan in 2018 to find a suitable solution for processing these cables themselves and was at first looking at a small-scale solution.

After having looked at the material CIR wanted to run, it was clear that Eldan’s low-capacity solutions would not be able to run the different cable types they wanted to process – especially the Christmas lights which they got a lot of, could not be processed in just any recycling line. Instead, Eldan took CIR to look at another customer’s cable plant in Marietta. They had a complete Eldan plant with pre-chopping, granulation, fine granulation, and separation, which was able to meet the demands that CIR had too.

The solution ended up being a full-scale, highly automatic cable plant like the one they saw in Marietta. The plant can be operated with as little as two operators, and the pre-chopper is equipped with frequency converters for lower power consumption. They can run all their difficult cable types with a high separation purity, and since they clean the insulation too, the metal loss is very low.

Reusing as many materials as possible is increasingly important as resources are depleted faster every year. Investing in a plant that ensures a minimal metal loss will thus not only ensure a higher profit for the recycler, it also helps keep as many resources as possible in the material circle. And since metal can be reused in new products many times, it is a perfect material from a circular economy point of view.

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