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Ekolab is a specialized consultancy that works with sustainable energy technology at home and abroad. The company´s professionalism and services are provided by the experienced engineers Klaus Ellehauge, Troels Kildemoes and Jørgen Lange. These key individuals provide traditional design skills and technical insight, supplemented with extensive experience in project development, teaching, communication and process control. The company was established in 2002 under the name Ellehauge & Kildemoes.

The professional expertise includes:

  • Super low energy buildings (including passive houses)
  • Renewable energy technology (specialty in solar thermal)
  • Integrated energy design and sustainable construction

Working areas are deliberately selected to be areas which mutually stimulate professionalism:

  • Development and analysis
  • Design and documentation
  • Education and communication

Ekolab has a holistic approach to energy work. However they also solve necessary technical details to provide the best solution in a given context. When working with the energy-efficient solutions the company focuses simultaneously on human comfort and indoor climate. The company is also familiar with the environment-related issues, integrated design processes, innovative development processes and overall financial planning.

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Jørgen Lange
+45 26 22 57 30

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