Ecobotix aims to develop and offer new solutions for modern-day farming. We believe that farming activities should be always both economically and ecologically sound and our business is to develop and offer IT and robot technologies that can be part of such green and golden solutions. Hence our motto: “Let the greener path be the golden opportunity”.

The company was established only in 2015, but it has already developed/patented two innovative and sustainable solutions in agriculture.

We take our pride in our work as producers of innovation and quality for the customer, while being fond of the environment.

At the moment, the company is working on an ambitious, high-value project. We are developing a device which provides a 100% sustainable solution to any kind of crop/crop-disease. The goal is to provide a green alternative to the massive use of chemicals in agriculture, using organic matter instead. We believe the nature already has its own equilibrium and we just want to help restore it. The use of organic matter will assure an effective, eco-friendly solution with an attention to the specific needs of our clients and the safeguard of the environment.

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