EC POWERs smallest cogeneration unit is a real endurance runner: the XRGI® 6 only needs a pitstop for maintenance every 10,000 operating hours. The mini-CHP units for residential and small industrial buildings achieve an overall degree of utilisation of up to 103%. In addition, they offer a good possibility to start using combined heat and power technology in buildings with smaller energy demands.

The XRGI® units are constantly optimising their energy production with regards to site loads and the system already possesses a built-in potential to respond intelligently to outside demands, such as future real-time electricity markets. EC POWER’s XRGI® micro-CHP units are constructed to be part of the future energy market, ensuring sustainable energy technologies for future generations.

The XRGI® 6 is one of the most compact cogeneration units in its segment. It consists of three components:

  • The power unit
  • The Q-heat distributor
  • The iQ-control panel

Its flexible construction principle and compact dimensions – with a width of only 64 cm – means it will fit through every door. Furthermore, it can easily be integrated into the existing heating system in practically any building.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions of the Power Unit (W x H x D): 640 x 960 x 930
  • Weight of the Power Unit: 440 kg
  • Fuels: Natural gas (all qualities), propane, butane
  • Service interval: 10,000 operating hours
  • Noise level 49 dB(A)
  • Maximum return temperature: 70°C
  • Electrical output (modulating): 3-6 kW
  • Electrical efficiency: 24.8-30.1%
  • Thermal output (modulating): 8.1-14.4 kW
  • Thermal efficiency: 62.3-77.5%
  • Total efficiency: 92.4-103%
  • Emissions (Test data at max. output)
    • CO < 150 mg/Nm3: 12-13
    • NOx, pond, HCV < 240 mg/kWh: 230-217

About author

EC POWER was founded in 1996 by Danish civil engineers with many years of experience in heat and power technology. Over the last quarter century, EC POWER has successfully installed more than 12,000 micro-CHP units in over 27 European countries.

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Inge Vrou Kristensen

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