Biogas – a Renewable Option

Oil supplies are diminishing and the world is demanding locally produced energy that is carbon-dioxide-neutral and compatible with the environment. The answer is biogas, a renewable gas that can be used for heating, as well as fuel for vehicles and in industrial processes. The potential of biogas is significant and has great importance in creating the sustainable society.

E.ON is Sweden’s leading biogas company and has been working with biogas since the mid-1990s. Today we are involved in several biogas plants and are making major investments to develop the area of biogas even further in the Nordic countries.

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Biogas contains methane, which is formed when biological material is broken down by microorganisms in an oxygen-depleted environment. Biogas can be produced from raw materials such as sewage slurry, manure and energy-rich waste such as abattoir and vegetable waste. In that way biogas is not only a clean and energy-efficient gas, it also solves a national waste problem.

The carbon dioxide that is given off when biogas is burned is re-absorbed into vegetation, which needs it in order to grow. The vegetation becomes food and the waste becomes biogas. And the cycle starts again.

A step further
E.ON is involved in a number of interesting projects to take our efforts in biogas a step further. Here are some of them!

  • Cooperation with Volkswagen with a joint investment in the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC). The purpose is to demonstrate the potential of biogas as a climate-smart, strong and value-for-money fuel.
  • The construction of one of Europe’s largest biogas production plants in the town of Jordberga in Sweden’s Skåne region. The plant will produce 350 GWh of biogas.
  • A biogas production plant with an output of 300 GWh in the Malmö Hamn district in cooperation with the municipality of Malmö and farmers in the nearby area.

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