Where global wind giants come to test

Rising more than 230 meters into the air, the next generation of wind turbines rotates in the strong winds at Test Centre Østerild in the northwest part of Jutland.

The public-private partnership at the heart of the Danish wind energy success story is also demonstrated in full force at Test Centre Østerild. Østerild is financed jointly by the wind industry and Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The joint ownership and operation provides globally unique opportunities for both the industry and researchers. DTU Wind Energy operates five of the nine pads at Østerild, while the other four are operated by Vestas and Siemens-Gamesa.

According to the laws regulating Østerild, the industry must cover all expenses related to its establishment and operation. DTU operates the test centre, and its five test pads are open for international companies through open tenders. The next giant to be tested at Østerild will be the Siemens-Gamesa 14 MW turbine, planned for installation in 2021.

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