Østerild National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines

Description - Østerild National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines

The National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines in Østerild is home to seven of the world’s largest and newest wind turbines, and there are many good reasons why these impressive structures are erected here in northwestern Denmark. The terrain and wind conditions at Østerild Test Centre are unique for the testing of wind turbines. Manufacturers also choose to test their offshore wind turbines on land at the Østerild Test Centre instead of at sea because of the ability to have permanent direct access to the turbines, as technicians often have to replace components and perform maintenance and service during testing.

The test centre in Østerild is an outstanding facility, unlike any other in the world, and is geared to test the largest offshore wind turbines – now and in the future. In other words, Østerild Test Centre is an essential part of what makes Denmark the Silicon Valley of wind energy.

About Østerild: 

The northern end of the National Test Centre is situated about 4 km from the coast and stretches to the southern end of the testing area, ending at around 7 km from the coast.The seven turbine test pads are placed in a straight north-south line. In addition to the turbines’ location, the area around the test centre is divided into different zones that comprise the testing area: a measurement area, a wind field and a protection zone.

  • There are seven pads, with 600 metres between each of them
  • Each pad has a testing area with space for a measurement mast, whichis located 500 metres in front of each turbine
  • The maximum height of the wind turbines is 250 metres
  • At each end of the test centre is a 250-metre-tall light and measurement mast
  • The masts are fitted with advanced measuring instruments and calibration tools, as well as mandatory lighting for air traffic safety

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