Test Centre Østerild

Description - Østerild National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines

Østerild is one of the best places to test large wind turbines in Denmark due to the fact, that the test centre is close to the coast with lots of wind. In order to test the large wind turbines, a mean wind speed at 100 metres height of at least eight metres per second is needed.

At Test Centre Østerild it is possible to test nine wind turbines of up to 330 metres in five of the test sites.

About 30.000 guests annually make their way to Østerild because they want to learn more about wind turbines, nature, etc. In order to accommodate the many visitors, a visitor centre opened in 2017 at the test centre.

In the visitor centre, visitors can get the latest knowledge about wind and wind power in Denmark, answers on how a wind turbine is built, and see dif-ferent wind turbine models.

Just outside the visitor centre is an observation tower. It is made of a bottom section from a wind turbine, which gives an insight into how a wind turbine looks inside.

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