Savings through optimization of service platform anchor point solution


PP Techniq has developed an efficient process for servicing and maintaining wind turbine blades both offshore and onshore. By implementing an anchor point on their service platform, it is possible to replace, personnel, equipment, and materials on the platform, while it is attached to the wind turbine blade.

The very time-consuming process of lowering the platform down to the base and returning it to the blade can be avoided when replacing personnel. The solution required strength calculations on the anchor point, allowing technicians and materials to be exchanged with a hoisting system. However, PP Techniq is a small company and did not have the necessary resources for such a calculation task. PP Techniq, therefore, looked towards DIS to find an experienced and dynamic partner to provide the necessary calculations.


The calculation task included a stress analysis of the entire platform, where high-load areas subsequently were evaluated through analytical calculations and compared with the required standards; DS/EN 795:2012 and Eurocode 3 and 9, where DIS could provide input to PP Techniq’s design based on the calculations


The calculations have formed the basis for weight optimization of the platform and have resulted in a reduction in work hours. Replacement of personnel, equipment, and materials used to take 45 minutes, now it takes only 10 minutes. The anchor point solution has been implemented and operates on both offshore and onshore service platforms.

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Laila Rehmeier

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