Collecting and managing data with NES Meter Interface

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Collecting and managing data of various metering systems

Collecting and managing data of various metering systems

The ZigBee and/or Wireless M-Bus module serves as a gateway between the wireless network and the NES electricity meter powerline communication. The NES Interface is capable of collecting meter readings from up to 16 different meter units in one system.

Key features

  • Fits into NES IEC-type electricity meters
  • Provides ZigBee SE 1.2 HAN
  • Provides Wireless M-Bus
  • Collects data from ZigBee and Wireless M-Bus meters

Smart solution for metering

The NES Meter Interface is based on a DevCom module with a data flash for firmware update via Power Line Communication. The NES Meter Interface can be used to interfere with different kinds of meters e.g. water, gas and heating meters connected to the wireless network for data storage and management.

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