Connecting elements in your smart home with Gateway

All-in-one solution for connecting your home devices across models and wireless protocols

The heart of wireless solutions

The Gateway is an open Linux platform including multiple wireless networks for communication with smart meters, sensors, smart plugs, thermostats etc. The gateway is modular and can handle many different wireless protocols at the same time.

Flexible solution

The Gateway has options for ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wireless M-Bus and WLAN HAN networks. Communication with servers and e.g. smartphones or tablets can be established via WLAN, Ethernet (to local modem) or Cellular 2G/3G. The price is extremely competitive since you will only pay for your selected modules.

The gateway includes processor power to implement even very complex local intelligence. The memory options leave room for data storage and logging. You are no longer dependent on one vendor but can combine your Home Area network exactly the way you prefer.

Customisation options

Develco Products provides the Gateway with Linux and optionally Java. For application of software, three options are available:

  1. Starter Kit: Complete hardware, software, development tools and documentation package for own software development
  2. OSGi based middleware via partners, for own high level software development
  3. Turnkey software solutions from partners

The Gateway is configured when put into production. You can also design the appearance of the Gateway the way you want. There are numerous design and colour options that can be tailored according to your needs.

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Develco Products develops, produces, and markets customized, wireless products for companies supplying end-users with Internet of Things solutions.

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Dorthe Gårdbo-Pedersen

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