Monitoring and live reporting of your home’s solar cell energy

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Prosumer Meter is monitoring and live reporting your home’s solar cell energy usage and output.

Monitoring and live reporting of solar cell energy usage and output

The Prosumer Meter from Develco Products is designed to integrate your household’s solar power modules in your Smart Home and smart metering solution. It simply allows you to monitor your energy production combined with your consumption, and gives you an overview of the total result of this.

Active prosumers are now offered the opportunity to assess real-time measurements of the percentage of energy consumed coming from their own photovoltaics.

Key features

  • 3 x 3 phase meter
  • Data logging & monitoring
  • ZigBee profile SE 1.1B
  • ZigBee Home Automation compliant
  • External antenna connection

Accurate 3 x 3 phase meter

The Prosumer Meter is a triple three phase meter. It measures production and consumption of power on all three levels: the solar cell module itself, the total household, and the collected grid. This allows the consumer to get a live feed of how much electricity is produced by the solar module and compare it to the total consumption of the household and to the grid activity in general.

Logging the power consumption in all directions in 5-minute intervals, enables to monitor long-term patterns and deliverance of power consumption in all three different dimensions.

The Prosumer Meter also offers the flexibility of using it as two three phase meters for separate groups in a building. The Prosumer Meter can set up notifications regarding energy, power, voltage, and current per phase or in total. All data are sent via ZigBee to a gateway.

The Prosumer Meter is mounted directly on a DIN rail, with the size of 4 standard DIN modules.

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