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Methods for intelligent power consumption

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Strategic platform for innovation and research in intelligent power.

iPower was a strategic platform where universities and industrial partners consolidate innovation and research activities for the purpose of developing intelligent control of decentralized power consumption. It was an ongoing task in iPower to produce the right tools to manage millions of flexible consumption units, as well as to uncover methods of operation in search for a way to run distribution with flexible power generation. Methods for identification of user’s needs and acceptance of flexible consumer units were tested in practice.

iPower platform
The iPower platform developed and matured Smart Grid technologies for the electrical grid, industries and residential applications.

The society needs Smart Grid technology to ensure that the electrical grid can absorb all the energy generated by wind and solar renewables. The iPower platform linked research, innovation, and demonstration to actual product development by specifying technologies, requirements and methods for Smart Grid products. It enabled the industry partners to become first movers in a new and growing world market.

The vision of iPower
The vision of iPower was to enable the following development:

  • Reduce tecrtainty and thereby evolve a new Smart Grid ecosystem of industries and business cases. Thereby investment risks wiould be mitigated and large-scale deployments of research-based innovative coherent Smart Grid solutions where customers, distributed energy resources and distribution grids interact seamlessly through markets, control, and ICT would be enabled.
  • Denmark would be an international Smart Grid hub creating green growth, export and jobs. Through a fruitful innovation and research collaboration a strong environment for Smart Grid development would be established.

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