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Horizon 2020 project encourages consumers to take a holistic approach towards energy consumption

The new Horizon 2020 project bring together industrial companies, such as Develco Products, research institutes, and household members with the aim of developing a holistic methodology for engaging households in sustainable energy practices. By introducing a smart metering system, it will be possible to better balance the supply and demand of electricity which will lead to a reduction of electricity consumption and CO2 emissions.

Over the next 3 years Develco Products will be a part of the Horizon 2020 project HESTIA. Abbreviated from Holistic dEmand response Services for European residenTIAl communities, HESTIA aims to encourage residents to engage in energy consumption practices that are more efficient, flexible, sustainable, and cost-effective.

Moving towards sustainable residential demand response practices

Demand Response as a concept is steadily becoming more popular. However, it is still mostly limited to large facilities in the commercial and industrial sectors. Therefore, there is large gap for integrating and exploring the potential of demand response strategies among residential areas.

Invoking user engagement and behavioral change, in terms of electricity consumption, among members of the society if often impeded by technology acceptance, use, and effectiveness. This presents a need for new tools and procedures which stimulate the consumer interest and involvement in adapting their consumption patterns to more sustainable alternatives.

Cost-effective holistic solution for demand response

HESTIA aims to tap into the potential of flexibility sharing and grid balancing by enabling residents to play an active role in monitoring and controlling their electricity consumption. Additionally, they will be stimulated to actively participate throughout the process of designing the solutions. This will help the members of the project to develop tools for engaging the general public which will be suitable for broader rollout.

The proposed solution aims to employ a fully serviced ICT platform, gateways, and IoT devices which gather energy and comfort data from multiple households. In this way, the balance between energy supply and demand can be improved, which can lead to cost savings for household members. From a sustainability perspective, the proposed solution supports natural resource preservation as well as a reduction of CO2 emissions.

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