Raising energy awareness among users with an external meter interface

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An external meter interface collects data that can raise energy awareness.

Develco Products has developed an external meter interface for Norwegian electricity meters with enabled HAN interface. Norway has their own regulations for external meter interface, which is why it is necessary to have a product made especially for the Norwegian market.

The EMI Norwegian HAN collects information and readings from the meter and this data can be collected by a ZigBee gateway. The data can be used by utilities for advanced load-shifting, thus reducing the pressure on the grid system, and thereby ensuring a better flow and more stable energy stream.

The EMI Norwegian HAN can also raise the user’s energy awareness. By getting access to the readings and data from the meter, the user can adjust and alter the energy consumption. However, this also goes for Develco Products’ regular External Meter Interface. It has the same features as the EMI Norwegian HAN, and can be used in energy management solutions in countries, where it is approved for use.

Develco Products’ EMI Norwegian HAN uses little energy and is powered by the HAN interface. It is very easy to install the device, as it is ready for use, as soon as the user plugs it into the installed electricity meter.

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