How Intelligent Buildings Reduce Energy Consumption

Building management systems gather actionable intelligence of a buildings' internal environment.

Building automation provide control, security and energy efficiency
At Develco Products, we experience the growth of the building automation and management industry first hand. Building management brings the user absolute control of a building’s space, lighting, security, assets, internal environment, and utility monitoring. While connected to a cloud-based building management system, wireless IoT devices gather real-time actionable intelligence of a building’s internal environment and security.

Employing IoT devices, such as Develco Products’ smoke alarm and motion sensor in a building management system greatly increases property and occupant security. Moreover, they enable users to closely monitor their buildings, in order to instantly detect suspicious activity, smoke, or other undesirable changes in a building’s condition or utility consumption.

Cheaper and more efficient energy consumption
When implemented into a building management system, our IoT products improve energy-efficiency by minimizing energy usage and waste, which in turn significantly reduces your customers’ operating costs and environmental footprint.

Limit resource use with space management
As is the case with other resources, space should be utilized as effectively as possible. Area optimization can greatly reduce costs of premises and increase occupant satisfaction. Space management allows the system operator to monitor exactly when and which areas and facilities are being used, and for how long. Moreover, space management allows the user to plan and optimize space utilization and maintenance based on the observed data and work schedules. For instance, a space management system could potentially reduce maintenance costs by informing the cleaning staff, which offices to clean and which have been vacant since the most recent clean-up.


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