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Assisted living technology in the City of Aarhus – Free sense of security

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Assisted Living Technologies in the City of Aarhus for a sense of security

The number of elderly people and people in general requiring assisted living is increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to think creatively and find unconventional solutions in order to provide comfort and safety for our loved ones.

Same products for multiple purposes
The “Gratis tryghed” (Free Sense of Security) project uses existing technology to increase the sense of security in homes of people who require assisted living by keeping an eye on changes in their electricity consumption.

Monitoring electricity consumption
The purpose of the project is to investigate whether intelligent energy monitoring can be used to create a sense of security and independence among the elderly people in their own homes. At the same, it will provide a sense of confidence for their relatives. Develco Products provides the research project with smart home hubs, which control the wireless devices. Develco Products also supplies External Meter Interfaces and Smart Plugs for the project.

The project is funded by a grant from the City of Aarhus Innovation Fund.

Sense of security and independence among elderly people
Both the electricity consumption and the sense of security are focus areas for the Aarhus Kommune, so the combination of these two areas is unique.

For the citizens, the project creates a greater sense of security at home, but the decrease of energy consumption also decreases CO2 emissions and thereby benefits the climate at a general level.

Energy consumption as an indicator of everyday routines
Energy consumption to some extent is reflecting everyday routines. If the elderly people are alone at home and accidentally fall or faint, lights or other home appliances will be turned on/off for several hours. Relatives will be alarmed when electricity consumption remarkably differs.

At the same time, getting insight into electricity consumption helps to reduce the total energy consumption and create economical savings.

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