Solar installations with batteries

Our “on-grid” solar installations can be coupled with a battery-stock, so the produced energy can charge the batteries and supply the grid.

What are the benefits from the joint solution?

  • The overall economy of the installation is 40% better than a traditional photovoltaic installation.
  • You save more on your electrical bill, as you have greater in-house consumption of the production.
  • Independence from changing politics.
  • Complete self-sufficiency during summer months.
  • Possibility of a 230V-backup during power blackouts.

Battery-stock saves power for night-time consumption

The combined solution of a photovoltaic installation and battery-stock gives you the option of using the power you produced during the day at night. This gives you the possibility of becoming self-sufficient during high-production months. This also makes the installation even more financially viable.

Primary contact
Katrine Bækgaard Stotz

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