Dansk Retursystem ensures that resources circulate in a closed loop, with the result that the used packaging is turned into new bottles and cans, or other forms of food packaging. This process conserves the supply of raw materials and also means that less energy and other materials are used to turn old packaging into new packaging.

Aluminium, glass and plastic can be reused for many different purposes. However, “can to can” and “bottle to bottle” is the best form of recycling. If used bottles and cans are not turned into raw materials for food packaging we will need to extract new raw materials from the earth.

Quality requirements

This type of recycling imposes strict requirements on Dansk Retursystem and the processors with whom we work.

When bottles and cans are collected and sorted it is important to preserve the quality of the material. We therefore have a laboratory in which we carry out different tests including testing the moisture content of the aluminium which can lead to problems when the cans are melted down.

The used packaging is sent under contract to European processors that recycle the material into food-friendly packaging. Before entering into a contractual partnership we assess the recycling performance of all processors. We also satisfy ourselves that they have the correct certifications and authorizations. During the contract period, Dansk Retursystem receives regular quality reports and also visits the plants. In this way we ensure that:

  • Glass bottles are delivered to companies that sort the glass by colour and crush it into smaller fragments. Thereafter, these fragments are smelted down and turned into new glass bottles, drinking glasses, or glass for jam jars.
  • Bales of compressed aluminium cans are loaded onto trucks and shipped to companies that melt them down in large furnaces. Thereafter, the aluminium is extruded and turned into a thin foil that is stamped out into new cans.
  • Bales of compressed plastic bottles are shipped to processors that sort, crush and wash the bottles. The crushed pieces, or flakes, are used to manufacture new bottles and other types of packaging for food products.

By using these methods we ensure that the material we collect circulates in a closed loop – for the benefit of all.

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