Danish Water Technology Group

    Danish Water Technology Group

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    Water technology is one of Denmark’s key competencies. Already in the 1970’ies, Denmark had the world’s first environmental Ministry which imposed strict environmental legislation. This has given the Danish suppliers an edge when it comes to innovation, sustainability and holistic, energy efficient solutions.

    The Danish Water Technology gathers these suppliers in a large network, making it your shortcut to suppliers with lots of know-how.The Danish suppliers operate within all facets of the water industry, whether it is ground water, drinking water, process water, wastewater, urban water issues etc.

    Denmark has been developing sustainable, energy efficient solutions for many years, with the main focus on combining quality, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. This makes Danish suppliers valuable partners that offer you a high level of know-how and experience.

    Danish Water Technology Group is part of Danish Export Association – the largest organizer of export networks in Denmark with around 600 member companies.

    The network of suppliers in Danish Water Technology Group gives you access to a full range of services within the water industry and is able provide you with system solutions, reducing your time and costs spent on searching for suppliers.

    Danish Water Technology Group is your entry to the Danish suppliers.

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    Primary contact
    Ilse Korsvang
    +45 50 89 44 88

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