49% energy saving for wastewater treatment plant

Danish Wastewater Equipment can save 49% energy for wastewater treatment plant.

Danish Wastewater Equipment has installed our bottom aeration at a treatment plant in Aalborg Øst, Denmark.
The solution consists of 672 pcs. diffusers model KD41-Q-4000 from the Austrian producer Aerostrip. Blower is 2 pcs. Sultzer compressors model HST20.

The bottom aeration is now adjusted and has been in operation over a year. It has been proven that energy consumption for process aeration has a 49% energy saving which means an annual saving of at least 750 MWh.

  • Advantages of KD 41 Aero Strip: High efficiency KgO2/Kwh., low installation height, long life, self-cleaning polyurethane membrane, no acid dosing, no condensation drain, no corrosion problems, and minimal maintenance.
  • Advantages of Sultzer Turbo compressor: High efficiency m3air/Kwh, intelligent control, very low noise level, compact design, easy maintenance, long life time.

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