The technology to remove microplastics is here – ready and available

By KD Group, April 10, 2015

Wastewater is the likely source of microplastics in the food chain. The good news is: the technology to remove microplastics is here - ready and available.

Vejle, Denmark, 24th of March 2015: It is with great interest that KD in Vejle has read reports and articles on the subject, most recently the article “Tons of microplastics dumped in the ocean” published by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s news desk, stating that microplastics are likely to be a much bigger problem than first thought.

The articles allege that:

  • Large amounts of microplastics are discharged from Danish wastewater treatment plants
  • The plants were designed to remove organic matter, not microplastics
  • A large part of the discharged plastics end up in the belly of fish and other animals, thus entering the food chain.

“We can solve that problem”, says Jens Krogh, Managing Director of KD.
“We now have the technology to purify wastewater using our own special membrane technology (VeSave®), which captures all microplastics along with bacteria, impurities and other particles”.

The membrane technology has been on its way for a decade, and KD installed its first plant as early as 2007. Since then, several test installations have been commissioned and have demonstrated their superior purification performance, durability and, not least, reliability compared with conventional systems. As an example, the latest membrane technology (VeSave®) is designed to filter water without using pump energy, making it a more energy-efficient solution.

KD’s management expects that membrane technology will become the principal technology used in future wastewater treatment plants, despite existing barriers in the form of scepticism and conservatism. Recent studies indicate that membrane technology is ideal for use in new wastewater treatment plants. KD expects to see a growing demand from customers in the public wastewater treatment sector and believes that the industry is ready to invest in purification and recycling of water for industrial use.

Source reference: The above is based on reports and data from publicly available sources as well as results from trials and performance tests in which the company has been involved as part of its business activities.

KD, with head office in Vejle, Denmark, is a leading supplier of consultancy services and technology to the wastewater treatment sector, specialising in wastewater purification. KD is part of KD Group, Vejle.

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