Clean and silent ferry services

Denmark consists of many islands, which are mostly served by old, noisy and polluting ferries. As part of a state funded project, Exilator installed their exhaust cleaning system on both main engines and generators of the M/F Isefjord, and the results were remarkable. Owners, captains, crew, passengers, the port, nearby restaurants and inhabitants were all surprised – most thought the ferry had been electrified as there was no smoke, no smell and no noise. The data from the official measurements revealed the following results: noise reduction exceeded 75 per cent, a particle matter (PM2.5) reduction of 99 per cent.

The conclusion: Exilator’s award winning very compact exhaust cleaning system turned the ferry M/F Isefjord into a silent and clean one. The installation is now being used as a case study and demo ferry for other ferry owners and operators, and this has given Exilator a unique “showroom”.

The project has been supported by Ministry of Environment and Food, Danish Technological Institute, Owners of M/F Isefjord, Assens Shipyard, Jevi, Landson Emission Technologies, Electro Performance and AKS

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